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Small-Group Seasons

We have two Small-Group Seasons each year, Feb. - May and Sept. - Dec.


Registrations for the two seasons take place in January and August for all Pleasant Ridge members.

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Small-Groups provide an opportunity to not only stretch our faith but to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ in smaller numbers in a safe place sharing in the presence of God.

Building intimate relationships through
Faith, Family & Fellowship

Faith – stretch and strengthen a relationship with God through prayer and bible study & life application

Family – brothers and sisters supporting and encouraging God’s family in a safe place


Fellowship – experiencing life together as

God’s children & reaching out


Giving God the glory for Season 1

"Small groups are a blessing beyond measure.  I feel safe, welcomed and most of all, loved by everyone in small group."

"In small groups you get to know each other and support each other better."  "We have grown closer to all the participants as we share our lives with each other."

"We recently prayed for our children and grandchildren.  It was an emotional time and personal blessing for me."  "We hope to always be a part of a small group.  They have added so much to our lives."

Small-Groups Season 2

Registration will begin mid August

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