James and Connie Barker came to PR in 1993. They have three grown children and two grandsons.  In their spare time, they both like to travel and cook together. 

James Barker

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Bob and Judy Bohannon came to PR in 1989 from Connecticut. They have three adult children. Their passion is mentoring our young people. Both have served as camp "grandparents" at our Camp Heavenbound for over fifteen years.

Bob Bohannon

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Marlin and Laura Clark came to Pleasant Ridge in 2014 from Idaho. They have three adult children. Marlin is retired Air Force after 22 years and is working for the Arlington ISD, and Laura enjoys substituting, reading, sewing and crafting.

Marlin Clark

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Steve and Joan Hastings were married in 1973. They have three married children and eight grandchildren. Steve and Joan began working with the Youth Group when they first came to PR and Steve is still very active as a teacher and chaperone with the teens.

Steve Hastings

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Chris and Shirley Jackson married in 1981. They have two grown children, Katie and Danny. Chris has worked with the youth at PR for the past twenty-nine years. Chris grew up in a military family and lived in several states and countries. His hobbies and interests are the Youth Group, sports and travel.

Chris Jackson

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Pat and Carol Malone married in 1962. They have a daughter and a son who have blessed them with eight grandchildren--one of whom is in heaven. Pat is an avid hunter, fisherman, poultry judge and vegetable gardener. Carol plants beautiful flower gardens.

Pat Malone

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Mike and Janet Monroe married in 1979. They have three married children and six grandchildren. Mike's hobbies include reading, history, golf, football, travel and spending time with family.

Mike Monroe

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Paul and Sharron Berry were married in 1972. They have two grown children. Sharron is co-director of Sonshine Bible School, a preschool at PR. Both Paul and Sharron teach the Sunday morning two-year-old class. They enjoy reading, gardening and camping.

Paul Berry

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James and Louise Burleson married in 1965. They have three adult children and five grandchildren--one who is in heaven. Louise takes care of her brother and helps with the grandchildren. James and Louise thoroughly enjoy doing the Lord's work.

James Burleson

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Ron and Jan Haker married in 1971. They have three married children and five grandchildren. They are both very involved in "Let's Start Talking" and "Friends Speak" where they help foreign students learn English while reading the Bible. Ron is also on our Mission Support Team.

Ron Haker

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David and Julie Holland married in 1985. They have a son and a daughter, both of whom are married. David's hobbies are camping, reading and "getting beaten in racquetball." David and Julie came to PR in 1990.

David Holland

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Randy and Lou Ann Jordan married in 1982. They have two adult sons, two adult daughters, two granddaughters, and a grandson. Randy's hobbies include; softball, camping, church ministry activities, and serving as an advisor for Camp Heavenbound. 

Randy Jordan

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Jamie Mihills

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Jamie and Jennifer Mihills married in 1993.  They have four children, who have loved the children's and youth ministries at Pleasant Ridge.  Jamie loves to read, teach, and spend time with his family and friends.  Jamie and Jennifer have been at Pleasant Ridge since 1997 and consider the people at Pleasant Ridge to be among their greatest blessings in life.  

Leon Mullins

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Leon and Susan Mullins met at Harding University and married in 1978.  They came to Pleasant Ridge in March of 2013.  They have one son, a daughter-in-law and a grand dog named Emma.   Leon is self-employed as an accounting and business consultant.  Leon enjoys reading, working on projects, and watching Arkansas Razorback football. He and Susan also like to travel and learn about new places.  They feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of Christians at Pleasant Ridge.

Billy and Paula Rhodes married in 1976. They have two sons and five grandchildren. They both are very involved in leadership of Bible Study Fellowship.

Billy Rhodes

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Terry Wilson

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Terry and Chris Wilson met in the PR youth group in 1978 and were married in 1988. They have a daughter, who is married, and a son. Terry has worked with the PR youth for 32 years, and Chris loves working with the Children’s ministry. They love spending time together with family and friends. Terry’s hobbies include woodworking, hunting, cooking on his smoker, sports, and he especially loves playing Cornhole..

Mike and Barbara Walker have two adult children and two grandchildren. They are avid hunters and enjoy spending time at their ranch. Barbara enjoys refinishing furniture and sewing while Mike enjoys sports cars, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns and Dallas Mavericks.

Mike Walker

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