Team Members

Isabel Angeles

Bob Bohannon

Arline Briones

Gayle Cashion

Matt Cashion

Kyle Cooke

Danny, Rachel & Sierra DeLeon

Joe & Ofe DeLeon

Lisa Diaz

John Feshold

Richard & Karen Ham

Davey & Ann Jones

Gretchen, Shamiran & Liesl Prater

Pam Rickard

Richard Swarb

Randy Talkington

Reggie Thurman

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Contribute using PayPal

NOTE: We will need to get form-builder software for this. I have looked at which has a free 1-user (limited) version, or a paid version 2-user limited version that would suffice. The paid version is $4.00/month.


We can use Stripe (Lance uses this) for our payment option along with PayPal.

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