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True religion is this: "to care for the widows and orphans..." James 1:27


The sign to the world that we are Christ's disciples: that we "love one another." John 13:35


These two passages sum up the vision of the CARING ONE on ONE Ministry, that the Pleasant Ridge congregation is a church family that cares for and loves those of our family who have special needs because of their life situations.


Purpose & Mission:

The CARING ONE on ONE Ministry is designed to identify and meet the needs of those senior adults who are largely or totally restricted to their homes and give them a connection to our church family. How do we propose to accomplish that? ONE on ONE!


Every willing member of PR is invited and encouraged:

  • to participate in visiting our family members largely restricted to their homes, assisting them as needed, ONE on ONE (coordinator: Karen Collins).

  • to identify members willing to provide services, on an occasional basis ONE on ONE, such as transportation, minor repairs, medical needs, household help, yard care, information expertise, etc. (coordinator: Cindy Filpansick).

  • to provide communion to those members who are unable to attend worship services because of chronic health reasons (coordinator: Jerry Berger).

  • to provide a support group for caregivers. Caring for Caregivers meets every second Thursday of the month from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Not only support, but educational materials as well are available at every meeting. Anyone is invited to attend at any time (coordinators are Pat Malone and Karen Collins).


Ministry Leadership and Coordination:

Christ's example of service and sacrificial love are the model for leaders in the CARING ONE on ONE Ministry. This means that each member of the PR family who is willing to serve is a leader! That said, some administration coordination is needed. Pat Malone is Senior Adult Minister and thus the staff minister for this ministry, and Karen Collins is co-coordinator. At this point you might be asking yourself, "How do I get involved?" Easy! Just let your desire be known to Karen Collins (email), Cindy Filpansick (email), or Pat Malone (email). We will put you to work "yesterday!"  


Contact Us: 6102 W Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington, Texas 76016 :: 817-478-8245 :: Email