Building Renovation

Day 1:  Demolition Begins
Day 3:  The stage is out, and some of the pews are down.
Day 4:  Progress is being made on the removal of the pews and the framing of the raised pulpit area. 
Day 8:  The main area of the Auditorium has been cleared of pews.  There are still pews under the wings. 
Day 9:  The balcony has been cleared.  The pulpit area is coming together, and you can see the height, size, and shape of the stage area. 
Day 14:  The Auditorium has been cleared out, and work is progressing. 
Day 25:  Painting has almost been completed.  Flooring has been removed in the foyer, and it is ready for the new floor covering.  Lots of progress has been made in the balcony.  The new carpet is down.  The two-tone paint colors on the columns look very sharp.  The pulpit area is ready for its floor covering.  The new pendant lights have been installed and look beautiful. 
Day 26:  The pews are being installed!
Day 27:  More of the pews are in place and a lot of the tile is down. 
Day 33:  The flooring is down in the foyer.  The pulpit/stage has been stained to match the existing trim.  Most of the pews on the lower level have been set into place.
Day 35:  The pews have been secured on the lower level.  A lot of the flooring has been installed.  Work is progressing well, and we are all looking forward to being back in the Auditorium on Sunday morning.  

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