History of the Bible

Course Introduction

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class


The Bible is the source of everything we know and believe about God and spiritual realities.  It is the foundation of our faith, the basis of our hope for eternal life.  As Christians, we believe that the Bible is the very word of God.  We believe that when we read the words of scripture, we are listening to the voice of God and listening to a message from His heart to ours.


But what is the basis for this enormous faith in the authority of the Bible?  Most believers would state without hesitation that they believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God; but few could explain how this divine revelation came to us.  It is one of those matters of faith that most Christians take for granted, but few have bothered to ponder or investigate. 


Nor would many believers be able to convincingly defend the integrity and accuracy of our modern English translations of the Bible.  If God did indeed reveal His word to man in the distant past, how can we be sure that the Bible we read today is a true and accurate record of that revelation?


Perhaps now more than ever, it is crucially important for Christians to be able to give an intelligent and reasonable answer when inquirers or skeptics ask why we place such confidence in the Bible.  In this video series, entitled “The History of the Bible,” we will:


1.  examine the evidence supporting the divine origin, spiritual authority, and historical reliability of the Bible, and

2.  trace the historical chain of events that led to the publication of the English language Bibles we read today. 


This study will be divided into four units.  The subject of each of these units constitutes a link in the chain of communication from God to us.


1.  The inspiration of the message Bible;

2.  The collection and formation of the canon of the Bible – the list of books recognized as scripture;

3.  The preservation and transmission of the text – the original words -- of the Bible;

4.  The history of the translation of the Bible into English.


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